Rick Gregory
Strategic Visioning

Strategic Visioning Process…

… a powerful, interactive approach to bring your team’s vision to life.

My work is based on the Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Process, a visual approach to strategic planning, decision-making and organizational change.  This process uses wall-sized templates to capture an organization’s environment, current situation, vision of a desired future state, and roadmaps for implementation.  These templates, combined with my facilitation expertise and focus on your desired outcomes, provide a robust process for getting all team members involved and aligned.

This process will enable you to:

  • Fully engage all members of your team/organization
  • Align on a vision that is aspirational to all team members
  • Put strategies in place to achieve the vision.
  • Develop actionable plans to implement strategies.



High-Engagement: all team members contribute their knowledge, experience, and best thinking.

Alignment: team members leave aligned to a vision that they have jointly created.

Big-Picture Orientation: Visual process enables group to consider both the whole and the parts.

Impact: The key to implementing strategy is consistency.  This highly graphic approach enables follow-up reporting.



Preparation:  Identifying cross-roads issues, objectives for workshop, and agenda flow.

Foundational Learning: Getting grounded on past challenges, accomplishments, and competencies; getting aligned to current realities (context, problems, opportunities, threats).

Creating the Vision: Tapping the aspirations of the group; extracting key themes.

Implementation: Creating the strategies and action plans to bring the vision to life.